How to Market Your Shiny New App

Question: Now I have this fabulous new custom app, how do I let the world know about it?!

Answer: I'm glad you asked!

There are lots of ways to share the great news about your app, and here are just a few:

  • You can announce it on air. Have your DJs plug the app between tracks, make an ad to roll during breaks (here's a great example from Puregold Radio:
  • Have a website, then share the links front and centre! Let everyone who visits your site know there are lots of ways they can listen to your station and that you have a beauty of an app for them to take your station along anywhere.
  • You can tweet it, post it, shout about it! If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, let all your listeners know they can get the app for their various devices and post those links you find on the Promotion tab.
  • If you publish a newsletter, or have an email mailing list, send out an announcement!
If you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account: Get one! It's free and a great way to promote your station! (AND there's a quick How-To about just that...

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